Processes Models

Customer service

How to control all internal and external demand more efficiently and keep customers happy?

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Purchase order

This process model includes the purchasing flow from material order to final delivery.

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Contract management

The process model for creating contracts and having them signed, aims to create a safe and efficient scenario for changing from paper to digital with a number of advantages.

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Payment authorization

When the company controls payments using only one ERP system, most process steps happen manually, through e-mail, spreadsheets and on paper.

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Hospital expenses refund

With the hospital expense reimbursement flow, orders are organized and can be easily opened by any employee who needs to report an expense or by third parties whom the company authorizes, including service users themselves.

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Recruitment and selection

Hiring staff in a medium or large company can be a complex task, especially if the company has a lot of open vacancies or temporary contracts.

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